Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

Breakfast Cereals  

Filled Pillows and Extruded products including Shapes like Balls and Shells coated in Honey or Chocolate.

Cereal Bars

Almost every conceivable Cereal Bar including copies of all the major Brands in the UK Market – every type of Bar from part or fully enrobed, weight management, functional, Muesli Bars, Kids Bars.


Digestive, Nice, Bourbon, Oatmeal, Double Chocolate Cookies and Sugar Free range.


Savoury Biscuits & Snacks including Mini Bites and Cheese Puffs.

Rice Cakes

Small and Large in size. Round and Rectangular in shape.  Savoury and coated in Chocolate or Yoghurt.


Beverages Apple Juice
Beverages Beer, bottle, pilsener, import
Beverages Beer, can
Beverages Coffee
Beverages Milk
Beverages Milk, organic
Beverages Orange Juice, not from concentrate
Beverages Soda, bottle
Beverages Soda, bottle (Coke product)
Beverages Soda, can
Beverages Soda, can (Coke product)
Beverages Tea, green, bags
Beverages Water, regular/drinking
Beverages Water, Sparkling/Mineral
Beverages Wine, table, Cabernet
Beverages Wine, table, Chardonnay
Beverages Wine, table, White Zinfandel
Canned & Packaged Foods Apple Sauce
Canned & Packaged Foods Barbeque Sauce
Canned & Packaged Foods Bread Crumbs
Canned & Packaged Foods Cherry Pie Filling
Canned & Packaged Foods Chicken Noodle Soup, condensed
Canned & Packaged Foods Chicken Noodle Soup, regular
Canned & Packaged Foods Chips, potato chips
Canned & Packaged Foods Coconut Milk
Canned & Packaged Foods Flour, all purpose
Canned & Packaged Foods Flour, self-rising
Canned & Packaged Foods Green Beans, canned
Canned & Packaged Foods Honey
Canned & Packaged Foods Jalapeño Peppers, canned
Canned & Packaged Foods Ketchup
Canned & Packaged Foods Mandarin Oranges, canned
Canned & Packaged Foods Mayonnaise
Canned & Packaged Foods Milk Chocolate Bar
Canned & Packaged Foods Mushrooms, stems/pieces
Canned & Packaged Foods Mustard, dijon
Canned & Packaged Foods Mustard, yellow
Canned & Packaged Foods Nutella
Canned & Packaged Foods Oil, Canola, 100% pure
Canned & Packaged Foods Oil, Olive, 100% pure
Canned & Packaged Foods Oil, Olive, extra virgin
Canned & Packaged Foods Pasta, Egg Noodles
Canned & Packaged Foods Pasta, Elbow Macaroni
Canned & Packaged Foods Pasta, Penne Rigate
Canned & Packaged Foods Pasta, Rotini/Rotelle/Fusilli
Canned & Packaged Foods Pasta, Spaghetti
Canned & Packaged Foods Peanut Butter
Canned & Packaged Foods Peanuts, roasted
Canned & Packaged Foods Pepper, black, ground
Canned & Packaged Foods Preserves
Canned & Packaged Foods Pretzels
Canned & Packaged Foods Rice, instant, white
Canned & Packaged Foods Rice, regular
Canned & Packaged Foods Salad Dressing
Canned & Packaged Foods Salsa, medium hot
Canned & Packaged Foods Salt
Canned & Packaged Foods Soup, organic
Canned & Packaged Foods Spaghetti Sauce
Canned & Packaged Foods Sugar, brown
Canned & Packaged Foods Sugar, powdered
Canned & Packaged Foods Sugar, white
Canned & Packaged Foods Syrup, breakfast
Canned & Packaged Foods Tomato Paste
Canned & Packaged Foods Tomato Sauce
Canned & Packaged Foods Tomato Soup, condensed
Canned & Packaged Foods Tomato Soup, regular
Canned & Packaged Foods Tuna, chunky, in water
Canned & Packaged Foods Tuna, solid, in water
Canned & Packaged Foods Vanilla Extract, pure
Bakery, Breakfast, Cereal Bagels, plain
Bakery, Breakfast, Cereal Baguette/French Bread
Bakery, Breakfast, Cereal Bread, 12 grain
Bakery, Breakfast, Cereal Cereal, Müsli style
Bakery, Breakfast, Cereal Cocoa Rice Cereal
Bakery, Breakfast, Cereal Corn Flakes, regular
Bakery, Breakfast, Cereal Corn Flakes, sugar frosted
Bakery, Breakfast, Cereal Croissants
Bakery, Breakfast, Cereal Granola Bars, high fiber
Bakery, Breakfast, Cereal Granola Bars, regular
Bakery, Breakfast, Cereal Honey Crunch Oats
Bakery, Breakfast, Cereal Hot Dog Buns
Bakery, Breakfast, Cereal Oat Meal
Bakery, Breakfast, Cereal White Bread/Toast, enriched
Frozen Foods Breakfast Sausage, frozen
Frozen Foods Chicken Breasts, frozen
Frozen Foods Chicken Nuggets, frozen
Frozen Foods Chicken Tenderloins, frozen
Frozen Foods Fish, Flounder, frozen
Frozen Foods Fish, Mahi Mahi, frozen
Frozen Foods Fish, Tilapia, frozen
Frozen Foods French Fries, frozen
Frozen Foods Fruit, frozen
Frozen Foods Ground Beef, frozen
Frozen Foods Ground Turkey, frozen
Frozen Foods Ice Cream, premium
Frozen Foods Ice Cream, simple
Frozen Foods Pizza, frozen (premium)
Frozen Foods Pizza, frozen (simple)
Frozen Foods Veggies, frozen
Frozen Foods Waffles, frozen
Miscellaneous Kitchen Items Aluminum Foil
Miscellaneous Kitchen Items Paper Towels
Miscellaneous Kitchen Items Plastic Wrap
Produce Apples, Gala, bag
Produce Apples, Red/Golden Delicious, bag
Produce Carrots, whole
Produce Grapes, red
Produce Lemons
Produce Lettuce, iceberg
Produce Mushrooms, whole
Produce Onions, yellow
Produce Oranges
Produce Pears
Produce Potatoes, gold (Yukon)
Produce Potatoes, red
Produce Potatoes, Russet
Produce Tomatoes
Refrigerated Foods Bacon
Refrigerated Foods Beef Stew Meat
Refrigerated Foods Brats, 4-6 pack
Refrigerated Foods Butter, real, unsalted/salted
Refrigerated Foods Cheese Singles (imitation)
Refrigerated Foods Cheese, block (regular)
Refrigerated Foods Cheese, Boursin
Refrigerated Foods Cheese, Brie
Refrigerated Foods Cheese, shredded, Mexican style
Refrigerated Foods Cheese, shredded, Mozzarella
Refrigerated Foods Cheese, sliced, deli
Refrigerated Foods Cheese, sliced, regular
Refrigerated Foods Cheese, wedge (real, deli)
Refrigerated Foods Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Refrigerated Foods Cold Cuts, ham or chicken
Refrigerated Foods Cold Cuts, turkey variety
Refrigerated Foods Cottage Cheese
Refrigerated Foods Cream Cheese
Refrigerated Foods Cream, heavy whipping
Refrigerated Foods Eggs, cage free
Refrigerated Foods Eggs, regular
Refrigerated Foods Ground Beef (chuck), fresh
Refrigerated Foods Ground Beef (sirloin), fresh
Refrigerated Foods Ground Turkey, fresh
Refrigerated Foods Ham, half
Refrigerated Foods Kielbasa
Refrigerated Foods Margarine/Spread
Refrigerated Foods Pancetta, diced
Refrigerated Foods Pizza Dough
Refrigerated Foods Pork Tenderloin, small
Refrigerated Foods Ribs, Baby Back (pork, unseasoned)
Refrigerated Foods Ribs, Spare Back (pork, unseasoned)
Refrigerated Foods Salami, sliced
Refrigerated Foods Salami, whole
Refrigerated Foods Sour Cream
Refrigerated Foods Yoghurt, Danone (etc.)
Refrigerated Foods Yogurt, Fage, 2%, plain
Refrigerated Foods Yogurt, Fage, w/ flavor
Refrigerated Foods Yogurt, flavored, cup
Refrigerated Foods Yogurt, Greek style, plain
Refrigerated Foods Yogurt, plain



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